Monday, 20 March 2017

GPS Tracker for Car and Vehicle GPS Fleet Tracking in India


In today’s era, India is said to be as a developing country. It has developed much and enhancing its technology day by day. From sky to land we all have something to see about technology. I traveled by using all the means of transport including land, water, and the most expensive and relaxing air transport. The common from all these is that we familiar with that is: “LAND”. Have you ever thought that technology will become so elaborate that it will provide you all the ways to go in right orientation? I have not ever thought about it but now it happens. There is much technology present now therefore as a growing engineer I wonder which software or what else can be made for ease of people? Moreover, after the presence of such technology their distribution and services matters a lot.

Here, I want to talk about Road Point, a provider of the best quality GPS Vehicle Tracking System all over the India.  Road Point has been working since 1994 and providing continuous successful services to its customer according to the changing demands of the environment and people. Road Point is considered as one of the leading exporter and distributor of CONCOX. It provides the GPS system for all the vehicles run on roads including cars, bus, trucks, and bikes etc.

The Road Point has a good record from the very beginning and of course has positive results from thousands of customers it deal with. I personally want to give it a big like hit for its service.

As traffic jam is one of the major issues in India, this company gives help to the riders and drivers to reach their ways by using the efficient paths. The quality I like about Road Point is its originality. It does not work for its profit only but truly provides the correct service. Rather than just publicizing and selling its products, it opens the doors for the customers with warm welcome and clarifies their problems and provides them the best of what is possess!
Being an IT student I gain knowledge as much I can grab! But I want to suggest this GPS Tracking should be known by every person who drives the land vehicle! It is for us and our ease!

Road Point must be thanked for this wonderful work! Throughout India including, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra etc. it is giving an economical as well as technical way to safe ourselves and our money as well! 

Moreover, I have read the blog that the company provides at regular intervals. I get so much new information and knowledge through that because it’s now possible for me to surf such kind of topics on Google. We generally do not even think of these new scientific facts. The blog provides that knowledge very clearly and greatly. I appreciate this and I used to read the Road Point blog on regular basis. The blog includes the information regarding How can you protect your car from thieving? How can you make your car more intelligent to notify you about some miss happening?  What new systems or devices are available in market?

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Top 5 GPS Vehicle Tracker System | GPS Tracking For Car | GPS Track

Here is a list of Top Five 

GPS Tracker who are presently playing a major role in the GPS Industry.

1 -           GT06N
GT06N World's Most Trust Worthy & Best Selling Device.

loaded with advanced features and Battery-Powered GT06N gives you Real or Live - Time Location viewing from the comfort of your Smartphone or PC, Laptop, and makes it a prefect choice for private Vehicle , Asset and Fleet Management.

2 -             GT800
GT800 Multifunctional Vehicle GPS Tracker

with Massive Performance for Affordable price
This GPS Tracker System supports door status detection Two - way Communication as well as Emergency SOS call.

3 -            GT03A

GT03A Magnetic Vehicle GPS Tracker 
with Big Built-in 500 MAH Battery and Extremely Very Easy & Flexible to Install Using Strong Magnetic Stylish Design the Device is Suitable For Vehicle tracking, Asset Tracking, Shipment Tracking, Race Motorcycle & Car Tracking, etc.

4-            GT06E
GT06E gets you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and Live Time Better Tracking, ideal for Asset Tracking & Management.Utilizing cutting-edge Advanced Level GPS TGPS Technology the features of GT06E not only traditional tracking functions as telecom-cutoff Diesel, Petrol, Geo-Fencing , SOS Alarm, Over Speed alert and Power Voltage etc.

5-           GT300

GT300 Personal GPS Tracker is a Powerful GSM/GPS Safety Phone Designed mainly for Kids,Elderly,Pets,Luggage.
You Can Easily Track Exact Locations from your Smartphone or PC
It Supports a Wide Variety of Reports Including Emergency, Geo-Fencing Boundary Crossings, Low Battery alert & SOS alarm.

Roadpoint Limited India's Biggest GPS Company.

At Roadpoint Limited  

We Produce and Manufacture Products that are High is Quality.
We also have the India's Biggest Network of Supplier Dealers, Distributors across India to take care of you efficiently and quickly.
GPS Vehicle or Personal Tracking System are the Backbone of any Industry these days and Quality has always been their priority and happy and satisfied clients have been their rewards.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

GPS Tracker System ki Jaan Kari Hindi Mein | Bike Tracker | GPS for Car

GPS System Kya hai... ?

Global Positioning System Jise Hum Short Form Me GPS Bolte hai. GPS System Me Lagbhag 24 Satellites Shamil Hoti Hai Yeh Satellites Earth ke Charo orr Ghumte rehte hai lagataar 7,000 Mile Per Hour.

GPS Idea Ki Khoj 1960 Mein Hui.

GPS Developed Hua United States of America DOD Mein Department Of Defense ke Liye

GPS ko Banaane ke Maqsad Tha Army ki Help Karna. Fir Baad Me Yeh Position or Location Batane Ke Kaam Aane Laga Jo Ki Duniya Bhaar Mein Kafi Pasand Kiya Gaya.

GPS Attacehed kar ke App Kisi Bhi Cheez Ko Track Kar Sakte Hai.

GPS System Ke Duwara App Apne KI Car or Bike, Truck, Bus, Ki Location App Ghar Bhete Jaan Sakte Hai Apne Smart Phone Mobile Ya Computer or Laptop Par.

GPS System Ke Duwara  App Apne Petrol (Fuel) Or Car Kaha Gayi Thi Kaha Ruki Thi Car Mein Kya - Kya Baat Hue Pichle 1 Mahine (Month) Tak Ki JaanKaari le Sakte Hai.

Agar Apki Car ya Bike Chori Ho Jaye To App Uski Bilkul Sahi Location Jaan Sakte Hai Or Usee Ghar Bhete Ek (SMS) Duwara Apni Car ya Bike Ka Engine Bandh Kar Sakte Hai.

Personal GPS Tracker Se App Apni Family, Baccho, Pets, Driver, Maids, Apne Employee Ki Location Track Karr Sakte Hai Sirf Apne Smart Phone Mobile Ya Computer or Laptop Par.

Roadpoint Ltd India Ki Sabse Badi GPS System Supplier or Distributors Company Hai.

Humare 500+ Dealer Hai Puree India Mein or 2016 Mein Humne 3,5000,000 PCS GPS Sale Kiye.

Zayada Jaankari or Dealer, Distributor Banne Ke Liye Niche Diye Huwe No. Pe Call karein ! 

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