Friday, 16 June 2017

Personal Tracker Device App for Kids Pets Luggage and Elderly Tracking

           Share Your Exact Location With Family

  Friends using Roadpoint Personal Tracker App

Roadpoint India Limited provides a safe and advanced way to share your Real Time location by controlling the time for which your location will be shared. You can either share your current location or request the other person for his location.

Login Panel
Real Time Location Dashboard

Roadpoint India Limited Personal Tracker app generates a small code for your current location called PIN. You can share this Pin with Family / Friends and they will be able to view your current location.

Add Location for Tracking
You can share your current location through Message, Email or Social networking sites. This sharing will generate a hyper link of Roadpoint India Limited website along with the Pin generated by this application.

Therefore your friend doesn't need to install this application on his mobile for reaching you, they can easily track you on the online map using any web browser.

Roadpoint India Limited is available on Android, IOS

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